Hi Israel ! Read This,
We always here to Punish you
Because We are the voices of Palestine and we will not remain silent!!
We are the sound of the forgotten people, the freedom fighter in the cyberworld .
Israhell is never existed its only Palestine, it's our home.
If you are a hacker, activist, a human right organisation, share, hack israel website,
and expose to the world their crime, show to the world how much blood in their hands, bloods of innocent children and women.
We will never remain silence against israhell war activity, anonymous collective,
All hackers team will join this operation inchallah,
and we will be the cyber resistance, the cyber shield, the voice for the forgoten people.
The voice of Palestine. fight for the right, do something,
Where ever you are, what ever you can do, join the cyber intifada.
Israhell, you better be prepared.
Operation Save Al Aqsa...engaged.
Muslims are everywhere
Alkhilafah is Coming soon Insha'Allah
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